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NHS Complaints are strictly regulated.  Every NHS body or company commissioned to provide an NHS service must have a Complaints Manager, and are expected to follow the Regulations. Healthcare bodies are expected to follow the Regulations.

The Local Authority Social Services and National Health Service Complaints (England) Regulations 2009 ensure that complaints are dealt with in a uniform way across England and can be found here 

Whatever your needs in relation to NHS complaints training, a bespoke package can be pulled together for you at the most economical price.

  • Are you fully aware of your responsibilities according to the 2009 NHS Complaints Regulations?
  • Are ALL of your staff trained to deal effectively with unhappy patients, to avoid things escalating to a complaint?
  • Does your complaints policy fully reflect the Regulations? Help you to handle challenging complaints?
  • What happens to complaints when the Practice Manager is away? Are your staff confident about what they need to do to ensure you do not breach the regulations?
  • Are there times when you have no idea how to respond to a complaint or deal with someone who is angry?

Services include:

Document Checking and Proofreading Service

It doesn’t matter how well a letter is phrased, or how long you have put into writing a report; if there are spelling or grammatical errors, this can give the impression that your organisation does not care, or is incompetent.

This service means that your documents, whether letters, reports, assignments or dissertations, you will have peace of mind that it not only reads well, but has correct spelling and grammar. No job is too small.

Training for You and Your Staff

I provide a spectrum of courses in relation to dealing with NHS Complaints and also how to deal with difficult situations and I am happy to provide the level of training you need.

The more people that are trained in how to avoid complaints escalating, the more empowered your staff will feel and the more content your patients will be. The number of issues that escalate into complaints will then decrease.

Successfully delivered courses include: “Dealing with Difficult Situations”, “Investigating and Responding to Complaints” and “Listening to Patients”. Complaints training can be bespoke and specific to your needs according to the content you require, the staff in attendance and length of the session.

Minimum and maximum attendee numbers apply.

Complaints Policy Advice/Writing

Do you have a complaints policy? Does it cover complex complaints? Joint handling with other organisations? Those complainants that keep coming back or will not accept the outcome of your investigation?

I can review an existing policy or advise you about how to create a fully comprehensive one.


“Julie is always professional and thorough. Her years of experience and professional expertise make her input highly valued. Promoting fairness and putting the needs of the individual first are integral to her strong value base. I would without hesitation recommend Julie and her work.”
Ann James – Chief Executive Officer at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth (previously CEO of Devon PCT)

“I have found during my years of working alongside primary care colleagues, that trying to resolve a complaint for all parties can prove to be extremely stressful as well as hugely time consuming. I worked with Julie over a number of years and she was invaluable in the advice and support she was able to provide for both practitioners and patients. This skill is delivered in a supportive, practical and non judgemental manner. I wish her every success in delivering this most necessary service.”
Sarah Hale – Previously Operations Director for Devon Local Medical Committee (LMC)

“Julie is an experienced quality assessor in terms of her abilities and skills within managing complaints investigations and responses. She has been able to critically appraise and provide health challenge to staff and how they initially respond to complaints. This has had a direct and positive impact upon the overall quality of our complaints responses. She has also addressed how our staff reflect and consider the impact of their interventions on vulnerable people in distress. I have been really encouraged by Julie’s work and by her commitment to doing a good job.”
Chris Burford – Managing Partner Devon Partnership Trust

“As a practice, we found the face-to-face training that Julie offered was both interactive and helpful. I think the Reception staff felt more empowered as a result. It focussed us on the fact that we all, as individuals, have a responsibility to try to sort out problems before they escalate into a complaint. Many thanks Julie, for a very useful day.”
Dr Mike Dowling – GP – Neetside Practice.

Some comments from attendees at training:

“Great training on dealing with difficult situations. Very understandable for new staff and long-servers too”
“Very friendly training. Informative and easy to listen to”
“Very good presentation. An engaging style, clear and concise”

“Julie is great! Friendly and approachable and engaging throughout the whole day”
“Trainer is very knowledgeable and makes a dry topic interesting”.
“Very informative session with lots of information. Julie has a relaxed style, which makes the information easier to digest”

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