Whatever your needs in relation to NHS complaints advice, support and training, a bespoke package can be pulled together for you at the most economical price.

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Services include:

Document checking and Proof Reading Service

It doesn’t matter how well a letter is phrased, or how long you have put in to writing a report; if there are spelling or grammatical errors, this can give the impression that your organisation does not care, or is incompetent.

This service means that your documents, whether letters, reports, assignments or dissertations, you will have peace of mind that it not only reads well, but has correct spelling and grammar.  No job is too small.

One to One Coaching Programs

The wording of final responses to complaints is crucial and can make the difference between resolution and escalation. There are many important elements to consider when responding to a complaint, and the impact of the wording you use in responses cannot be underestimated. We take into account the advice of the Ombudsman and can impart our experience to your staff, coaching them to improve the quality of their letters.

A program of one-to-one coaching sessions can be provided for those staff who are responsible for writing your complaints response letters. Our consultant will take coachees through the process of investigating a complaint, and will cover all of the essential parts of the complex process of investigation.

Training for you and your staff (up to 25 people)

The more people that are trained in how to avoid complaints being made formally, the more content your patients will be and the less chance you will have of receiving them. We can train your whole team or just key people in various aspects of NHS complaints.

Successfully delivered courses include:  Dealing with Difficult Situations, Investigating and Responding to Complaints and Listening to Patients. Complaints Refresher courses are also available and prices include some telephone support from our consultant.

Our courses are suitable for all levels of staff and can cover information that is specific to your requirements.

Prices are charged on a per attendee basis, minimum and maximum attendee numbers apply.

Complex case handling, including letter writing

Are you unsure of how to word a response to a patient who has been aggressive but has complained? Are you concerned about how to formulate a response to a terminally ill complainant or a recently bereaved one?

Your investigation can be excellent and you can follow the NHS Complaints Regulations 2009 to the letter, but if your response is worded poorly or comes across as technical or defensive in any way, the patient is much more likely to return to you or to go to the Ombudsman. Avoid this time consuming and frustrating path by ensuring that your letters are as patient-centric as possible, whilst still getting difficult messages across.

Complaints policy advice/writing

Do you have a complaints policy? Does it cover complex complaints? Joint handling with other organisations? Those complainants that keep coming back or will not accept the outcome of your investigation?

We can help you with your queries and advise you on how to write a fully comprehensive policy.

Telephone advice and support on complaints – (Monthly rolling provision of 90 minutes)

This gives you total peace of mind when you have a question about complaints regulations, need to deal with a difficult complaint or concern, handle a potentially volatile situation with a patient or need assurance that you have done the right thing

NB. Travel expenses are charged for on site support or training.

Steps we always take in providing a service to you

  • Confidentiality

    Your responsibilities for patient identifiable information is taken extremely seriously by Peaceful Life. This is a hot topic and the Information Commissioner is fining organisations for not following the Data Protection Act

  • Consent

    Patient consent for release of information follows on from this and it is extremely important that the patient agrees to any release of information about their care in an investigation. Our consultant is well trained in this area and we are very careful to ensure that appropriate steps are taken.

  • Your Interests

    Peaceful Life aims to ensure that the NHS Complaints Regulations are followed and that the advice given is in your best interests. Openness and transparency are integral parts of the process and patient/practice relations are maintained and prioritised wherever possible.

  • Budgets

    We pride ourselves on providing a first class service at the most economical price for your practice. Our passion for resolving complaints and supporting practices is what drives this company.

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